giovedì 7 luglio 2011


"squintin the word snipped like sight by sunlight
through smoke and a deep blue screen flecked in christ
knows what blood and remnants of - oh - sirens all
the time . did you hear any just as you read that? how peculiar

do I look like an untrustworthy person? indecipherable letters
from pirate brothers and Austrian and Finnish girls. I know they trust me
because they write about songs, and deep held beleifs of old
held dear in true hearts. cut me up in charicature
and slap me down and bang me up but you can't bleed bones dry
of infinite melody dizzy with fame and misfortune, ruinin lives habitually.

the doctor looked at me and said 'you're goin to become an alcoholic'
my frame is slight but warped with fury and some devilish resistance.
vodka rivers followin a car north at a rate of knots, spewing out a window.
I think not doctor. Its to be abstinance or a return to the palace of bone.

i sit awhile with a forbidden government author
heart biro'd round so many times it seeps through the pages
enveloped in sadness and hides too the longing to be free. at least,
to decide. If I should cry in a sweat box taken from the magistrates to some cell think this only - that if I'd kept my nerve
and my legal aid pulls it off, the I wanted to thank god

and anyone who never trusted me because I mostly tell the truth.
even when I lie"

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