giovedì 16 giugno 2011


   You should Stop crying. She is here. Drink, you need it.
    Just a drop, come on. You are too down.
You'll be better in a while.
You're getting stronger, and the fear is fading away.
Now Every things is gorgeous. All the girls look nice.
We are all friends.

I need some fuel to light up my fire.
She always win. Is always time for a drink.
It's 2:00 pm and my glass is full.
She's so cold, she's so nice with me.
 I think i love her more than ever.

I've to go. I need to put on my feet again.
I'm jus a little bit tipsy and i'm giggling.
i don't mind. Actually i don't know.
Honey I'll see you later!

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