martedì 5 aprile 2011


thank you for the suggestion, i like writing reviews even if my english ain't perfect.

Costello Music

Costello Music released in 2006, is the first album by 'The fratellis'. The sound is pure  indie-pop-rock made in Britain.
It's a young album, catchy stuff and easy to listen. Exhilarating guitar riffs and arrogant swagger. The sound is a mix of Strokers, Libertines,  Jam and Clash. Like the Libertines, They have concocted hyperreal stories about: car thief, mystical oddball, drunken nights, girls – which are immediately more interesting than whatever the truth might be. Teenage music, but it always works.

I appreciate 'Costello music', but i don't know if the next month  i'll hear this CD still .
 will I  put it between the 'dusty' CDs or  will i love it?

It starts with high energy maybe too much to start, In the middle is a little bit boring and at last it gets rock again.
After all if you like The Libertines, i'm sure you will love also the fratellis.

vote: 7/10

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  1. too late for this review, probably we'll see them with a different line-up

    'bout The KILLS review, i'm a dj and i can say: GREAT JOB MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    best alternative album 'till now, i like it



  2. Well I thought it was interesting to hear what you thought about this album. And does it really matter if its and old album? we still listen to pink floyd and beatles and make reviews about their albums..