sabato 2 aprile 2011


Their music is a kind of indie-pop, mixed up with afro and home made electronic.
I dunno, but I think the album is not better than their first, even if it would be really difficult to reach the top as it happened for the first. The sound is not too much different but always sunny and energetic. Personally I like Contra because is different than the others album i'm hearing in this time.  While I was hearing the tracks, appeared in my mind an Hawaii's beach and a band is having fun.
If you want to hear a different sound, Vampire weekend are what you were looking for.

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  1. i couldnt agree more! so it would be cool to talk to you, you seem like an interesting guy :) and with a great music taste. In my life I have never met someone who listens to syd barrett and velvet underground.